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The Point

When Emma Ashby returns to her hometown of Leyton, TN, she realizes that she is still in love with Drew Dalton. he was the love of her life, their breakup was cold, harsh, and mysterious. Drew is not engaged, so she tries and hide her feelings from him. However, when he sees her, he knows that he never stopped loving her either.


As they rekindle their romance, they realize that their breakup was a big misunderstanding. Or was it? Julie, Drew's sister, hates Emma, and when they find out that she was the mastermind behind ending their relationship, they are determined to find out why.


When the truth is revealed, a series of unfortunate events brings heartache, strife, and eventually forgiveness. Emma realizes that True Love can never die.

Micheals Heart

What if the love of your life is on the other side? Colbie Gellar has always been captivated by music, she has always been sure that it will lead her to her destiny. But then, lying on the cold operating table, Colbie's heart stops. Then, something miraculous happened. In a inexplicable new world, Colbie finds more than she ever dreamed. She not only finds the source of her music, but the love of her life. When she wakes up in a hospital room to a painful recovery, she longs for the love she abandoned when she returned to Earth. Back in her own world, Colbie struggles with fate and tries to once again, hear the music. 

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